April 24, 2015

2015: the first 4 months

i realized the other day that it’s been a while since i’ve updated my site with new work, blog posts, etc, but there’s reasons for that. primarily that i’ve been incredibly busy. since valentines day, i’ve spent half of my time on the road, shot a couple weddings, a few love stories, and a few other jobs, while planning new work, having a personal life, dealing with taxes, working on side jobs, and much more.

i just want to give y’all a quick glimpse into what i’ve been up to.

Spokane, WA- Coeur D’Alene, ID- Seattle, WA- PDX, OR-

i came up to the northwest for a wedding in spokane and we also threw in a love story on valentines day. after the wedding i began a solo trek to seattle, filled with hikes and meetings and good times with the crew up there. from there i went to portland for location scouting and to catch a few friends and i ended up making some new ones who were some of the coolest people i know. i can’t wait to get back up there and spend time with all of them. i spent my time immersed in some of the most beautiful areas. here’s a quick look at this amazing week.

web-mize_lss-98web-mize_wedding-167web-DSCF8747web-DSC_5056 web-DSC_4913web-DSCF8973


Nomadic Impressions //la-pdx

the following 3 weeks were spent immersed in editing and executing the final stages of prep for this new side project that i started with steven anderson, a friend from college who is also a photographer and designer. we had been prepping for this since november. we are still working through this and will announce many many more details soon, but we, along with 2 other photographers, drove from la to portland and back. we hit a wide variety of locations, filled our time exploring new places. we did the trip in a full week, driving up to 12+ hours a day and shooting along the way. here’s a bit about it all.

rsw-ni-blog01 rsw-ni-blog02 rsw-ni-blog03 rsw-ni-blog04 rsw-ni-blog05 rsw-ni-blog06 rsw-ni-blog07 rsw-ni-blog08 rsw-ni-blog09 rsw-ni-blog10


la layover (aka brief visit home)

24 hours

i returned from the ni trip at midnight friday night/saturday morning. i had a love story scheduled in dtla sat morning and a flight to catch saturday night at 11:50 down to belize for some video and photo humanitarian/missions work with the high school that i work with in the winter as a coach. so here’s the layover portion of my life with a small glimmer of being home.

web-DSC_9347 web-DSC_9599 web-DSC_9580



i travelled down solo to belize to work with the aforementioned school to meet with the team in belmopan. we were tasked with working with a local high school and their students, painting classrooms and teaching students while having a good time with them. the 9 days i spent in belize were some of the most incredible of my life. a piece of my heart is definitely left down there with them.

web-rsw-belize-003 web-rsw-belize-024 web-rsw-belize-029 web-rsw-belize-048 web-rsw-belize-065 web-rsw-belize-098 web-rsw-belize-107 web-rsw-belize-135 web-rsw-belize-137 web-rsw-belize-149 web-rsw-belize-169 web-rsw-belize-172 web-rsw-belize-182 web-rsw-belize-193 web-rsw-belize-194 web-rsw-belize-203 web-rsw-belize-210 web-rsw-belize-239


return to la

i got back at 8pm on my brother’s birthday, after telling my family that i was delayed in houston and wouldn’t be able to make it. nice little surprise for all of them when i walked in the front door an hour later. immediately after returning, i cut a video from belize in 48 hours, shot a love story in the mountains in the same time frame, then shot a dtla wedding that weekend. things got crazy but this was an amazing week and where i will end this post.

web-DSC_1711 web-DSC_1941 web-DSC_2095 web-DSC_2150 web-DSC_2974

web-DSC_3969 web-DSC_4066 web-DSC_4161 web-DSC_4371 web-DSC_5397


full blog posts will follow in the not so far offish future.

till then, cheers.

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