About Me

Canada, Moraine Lake


I’m Ryan.


I’m a Professional 3rd Wheel with a Camera.

I say this, because I really am so much more than just a photographer.

I become a friend and your biggest fan.

I’ll remind you to kiss each other often, catch the little looks you give each other, and be in the middle of the dance floor with you. I’m not the photographer you hire if you just want someone to stand in the corner and get photos, I’m the guy you hire when you want a photographer who truly puts everything he can into making your day as great as possible.

As a Southern California and destination wedding photographer, I truly enjoy working with each of my couples and see my job as a chance to tell their story and as something that will get them through the best and worst of days. Honestly, I feel incredibly honored to have that opportunity and to have been trust by so many couples over the years.

P.S.- Bonus points for brides who love BHLDN wedding dresses and grooms with awesome style (such as Tom Ford suits)


Iceland elopement photos


– Who am I outside of photography? –

Travel // Deep Dish Pizza // Abigail // Australian Shepherd Pups // Teaching // Hiking // Ben Howard //  Volcano Choir // Left Brained with Right Brain Influence // Cookie Dough //Deep Talks // Real Moments // Hammocks // Soccer // Design // He >I  //

– I’m passionate about life and living it to the fullest. I jump between being an extrovert and introvert regularly.
– I love to travel and have shot internationally for couples and companies. I have shot in 11 countries and 10 states alone.
– Some of my favorite places in the world (that I’ve been) are Banff in Canada, Switzerland, Colorado, the Pacific Northwest, Kauai, Iceland, and Scotland.
– I love being outdoors doing something. Whether that’s hiking, camping, playing/coaching soccer, or just enjoying a nice walk, I feel most like myself when I’m outside.
– I love some television. My favorite shows include (but aren’t limited to) The Walking Dead, Blacklist, Suits, Gotham, Designated Survivor, Schitt’s Creek, and Fixer Upper.
– My amazing wife, Abigail, (love ya babe) and I have 3 adorable Australian shepherd puppies and they are just about the cutest thing ever. Check them out here- Instagram
– Abigail and I got engaged in Canada, had an intimate wedding in Southern CA, eloped in Iceland, and had a large reception when we got home. So I can help pretty much no matter what kind of wedding you want to have.
– I’m based in Southern California, but will travel the world for awesome clients and love to escape the heat.
– I love helping people realize and achieve their dreams.
– I am also a photography professor at my alma mater.
– After studying in political science and psychology, I changed my major to Graphic Design and Photography. So a HUGE jump, but that change sums me up well.



Here’s a photo of my wife and our adorable pups

That’s all the quick notes into my life, but if there’s anything else you want to know, feel free to say hi and ask away! I’d love to connect with an email conversation, over some coffee (or donuts), or via FaceTime and chat with you! I want to get to know you guys as well and would love to hear about your story, what inspires you, and your dreams!