October 17, 2014

travel // yosemite

i try to make it a point to travel outside of just work purposes. to experience something new. something exciting. something reinvigorating. with some major life events happening this summer on top of a busy year, i came to the realization that i needed some personal time. a chance to just refresh. because of this, i planned a trip to yosemite and another to seattle (you can see that post soon). these trips were wonderful. they refreshed me. they aiding in renewing my strength, clarity, faith, perspective, and so much more. with 2 of my best friends (Jacob and David), we drove up to yosemite on labor day morn with no idea of the amazing adventure that we were embarking on. we had roughly 2 days up there because of travel time, but still saw a decent amount and ended up finding incredible and mind blowing beauty outside of the densely visited valley. here’s a look into that 3 day journey that we jokingly hashtagged #brosemite2014

rsw-brosemite-01 rsw-brosemite-02 rsw-brosemite-03 rsw-brosemite-04 rsw-brosemite-05 rsw-brosemite-06 rsw-brosemite-07 rsw-brosemite-08 rsw-brosemite-09 rsw-brosemite-10 rsw-brosemite-11 rsw-brosemite-12 rsw-brosemite-13 rsw-brosemite-14 rsw-brosemite-15 rsw-brosemite-16 rsw-brosemite-17 rsw-brosemite-18 rsw-brosemite-19 rsw-brosemite-20 rsw-brosemite-21 rsw-brosemite-22 rsw-brosemite-23 rsw-brosemite-24 rsw-brosemite-25 rsw-brosemite-26 rsw-brosemite-27 rsw-brosemite-28 rsw-brosemite-29 rsw-brosemite-30 rsw-brosemite-31 rsw-brosemite-32 rsw-brosemite-33 rsw-brosemite-34 rsw-brosemite-35 rsw-brosemite-36 rsw-brosemite-37 rsw-brosemite-38 rsw-brosemite-39 rsw-brosemite-40 rsw-brosemite-41rsw-brosemite-43 rsw-brosemite-44 rsw-brosemite-45 rsw-brosemite-46 rsw-brosemite-47 rsw-brosemite-48 rsw-brosemite-49 rsw-brosemite-50 rsw-brosemite-51 rsw-brosemite-52 rsw-brosemite-53 rsw-brosemite-54 rsw-brosemite-55 rsw-brosemite-56 rsw-brosemite-57 rsw-brosemite-58 rsw-brosemite-59 rsw-brosemite-60 rsw-brosemite-61 rsw-brosemite-62 rsw-brosemite-63 rsw-brosemite-64 rsw-brosemite-65 rsw-brosemite-66 rsw-brosemite-67 rsw-brosemite-68 rsw-brosemite-69 rsw-brosemite-70 rsw-brosemite-71 rsw-brosemite-72 rsw-brosemite-73 rsw-brosemite-74 rsw-brosemite-75 rsw-brosemite-76


photos shot on a fuji xt1 kit and a mamiya 645af scanned by prophoto connection

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