February 29, 2016

david and kiara // a joshua tree love story

david and kiara have quickly become two of my favorite people. david and i became friends last year on my first trip to portland after years of knowing each others work. we only lived maybe 30 minutes away from each other in southern california, but it took me going to a random photographer get together that i was spontaneously invited to by another friend jared whitney while grabbing coffee in portland. since then, david and i have become good friends, challenging each other in life, religion, photography, education, and relationships with our lovely ladies.

i visited david over the summer while in town for a wedding and it turns out that i had just missed his new girlfriend, kiara, by a couple of days. i was obviously disappointed, as i wanted to meet this mystery aussie photographer that david was gushing about and taking regular FaceTime calls for hours on end with.

finally, after a few failed attempts to get together over the winter, david and kiara came down to la and grabbed coffee and dinner with abigail and i. having 3 photographers get together and not take a photo all night was almost an accomplishment in some ways, but we quickly came to the conclusion that one get together wasn’t going to be enough, we needed another day. an open day meant that abigail and i could crash their joshua tree trip and spend the day exploring and doing life with this awesome couple. after mini-sessions for each couple, personal projects, petting joshua trees, avoiding a cactus or two, and climbing big rocks, we walked away with great memories, a much deeper friendship, and a few extra packets of hot sauce from del taco.

can’t wait to spend more time with this amazing couple and to see their relationship grow and their love deepen.

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to see kiara’s set of abigail and i, jump over to – http://www.indwellweddings.com/blog/2016/2/29/ryan-abbey

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