Why Education?//

Over the last couple of years, I have been working as a professor of photography at a university in Southern California. Through the course of creating and running classes, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with students and professionals to design action steps to see them succeed in this industry. This has developed into a passion of mine and I truly believe that there are ways that we can all succeed in this space. After talking with a ton of friends in the industry, we figured out what keeps many creatives from succeeding. In part, these can be technical things that are lacking (editing process, shooing technique, photography techniques, lighting, posing, etc), but often the biggest challenges lie in the business part (managing clients, packaging, branding, website, portfolio, brand strategy, business systems, etc) and then thinking through the end game (retirement and scaling a business).


I am in the process of beginning a new venture focused on bringing this comprehensive education to creatives, its called The Grayscale Co ( It will be a resource that will help creatives in all areas grow and succeed. We will host conferences and workshops, podcasts and blogging, ips, and have regular features and artist profiles for you to check out. It will provide an inside look into how some of the best in the industry are doing it and how you can too.


In addition to Grayscale, I am personally offering the below services to creatives and am looking into
workshop and speaking opportunities as well and will post updates here.

1-1 Skype Sessions //

An ask me anything session.
Some of the topics we can cover:
– Travel
– Website
– Porfolio
– Backend systems
– Business setup
– Client Interacion
– Pricing
– Branding
– Packaging
– Workflow / Post Processing
$250 / hr

Mentor Sessions //

Basically a 6 hour personalized workshop where we cover all. From website, porfolio and brand review, pricing, target markets, we will cover a live couple’s shoot, workflow and post processing, data management, online galleries, client delivery and packaging. Any quesions you have are welcome. This is as in depth as you want it to be.

Available in Southern California or anywhere along my travel route





Speaking and Workshops //