May 13, 2015

julie + anthony // mountain love story

ran up to the mountains a little while back now with these two kids madly in love. shot some film, had nonstop smiles, laughs, and adventure with coffee and crepes afterward. all in all, my type of day. they are getting married this summer in the redwoods and i am absolutely thrilled to be a part of it. julie + anthony, you two are amazing.

web-julie_anthony-lss-film-11 web-julie_anthony-lss-film-16web-rsw-julie_anthony-lss-1 web-rsw-julie_anthony-lss-2 web-rsw-julie_anthony-lss-11 web-rsw-julie_anthony-lss-22 web-rsw-julie_anthony-lss-23 web-rsw-julie_anthony-lss-30web-rsw-julie_anthony-lss-41 web-rsw-julie_anthony-lss-42 web-rsw-julie_anthony-lss-49web-julie_anthony-lss-film-20 web-rsw-julie_anthony-lss-68 web-rsw-julie_anthony-lss-76 web-rsw-julie_anthony-lss-79web-julie_anthony-lss-film-2 web-rsw-julie_anthony-lss-85

film shot on a Leica M4-P and Hasselblad 500c/m. Processed by Prophoto Irvine.

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