October 14, 2015

michael + morgan // mammoth mountain love story

these two… we all met at anthony + julie’s wedding and instantly became great friends. michael and i began talking about business and life, which obviously included morgan and their plans together. he told me that he was in process of planning the proposal and that he would keep me posted. once i got back from europe (more on that coming soon) we quickly began discussing the event that he had in store and what a plan it was. a trip to mammoth that she surprised him with for his birthday after he mentioned wanting to go and her dad encouraged the idea, a giant group of friends coming up as part of the surprise. a proposal on a waterfall overlooking a lake in the middle of the forest. an epic all day love story hitting rain, snow, mountains, desert, rainbows galore, sunrise, sunset, and hammocks… o how i love hammocks. this was such a perfect day. their story, their love for each other, their friendship, all of them inspire me immensely.

one of my favorite weekends-

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