January 11, 2015
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2014 in review

2014. what a roller coaster of a year. high highs with some low lows. a year of massive change. a year of growth. adventures. refinement. new friends. progress. a lot made 2014 what it was. i went through more cameras than i would've imagined and ended the year with only 1 camera that i started the year with (a polaroid camera). i found a love in the roots of photography with film. i found a refin ...

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October 18, 2014

travel // seattle

last year, i visited seattle for the first time... basically, i fell in love. i have never felt so at home somewhere before. that trip was incredible, but i had so much more that i wanted to do. when things fell into place for me to go back a little more than a year later (3 days after returning from yosemite), i couldn't stop myself. my buddy, nick, and i set it up and made it happen. 8 days in t ...

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